Automated Cyber Attack Payment Card Skimming Hits 2,000 E-Commerce Sites

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Researchers: Hackers May Have Used Magento Zero-Day Exploit In the largest automated hacking campaign since at least 2015, from September 11-14, malicious JavaScript skimming code was injected into nearly 2,000 e-commerce sites that were running an older version of Adobe’s Magento software, possibly resulting in the theft of payment card data. It was the largest automated campaign on record, surpassing a breach in July 2019 that hacked 962 stores in a single day. From September 11th through the 14th, security researchers spotted 10...

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Hefty HIPAA Fine After Breach Involving ‘The Dark Overlord’

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Regulator: Georgia Clinic Showed ‘Systemic Noncompliance’ Federal regulators have announced a $1.5 million HIPAA settlement with Athens Orthopedic Clinic in Georgia, stemming from a 2016 breach involving The Dark Overlord hacking group that exposed the records of nearly 209,000 individuals. The exposed PHI included name, date of birth, SSN, patient demographic information, clinical information, and financial/billing information. The case serves to indicate the potentially hefty cost of failure to implement a comprehensive HIPAA...

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Phishing Campaign Spoofs SBA Loan Offer

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A newly discovered phishing campaign is spoofing a U.S. Small Business Administration loan offer in an attempt to steal banking credentials and other personal data. This campaign appears to have started in early August. This follows a different phishing attack in April that also used spoofed SBA messages, but unlike the current scam, that one was created to distribute malware. Fake Loan Applications In the phishing campaign, the victims are asked to fill out an attached “disaster loan assistance” form that asks for personal and...

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Emerging Risk Management Issue: Vendors Hit by Ransomware

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Two recent ransomware incidents targeted companies serving healthcare organizations, highlighting an emerging challenge for vendor risk management in the sector. Blackbaud, which sells cloud-based marketing, fundraising, and customer relationship management software, was recently hit by ransomware. Some of its affected clients are now being revealed. Meanwhile, medical debt collector firm R1 RCM, formerly known as Accretive Health, also has been hit by ransomware. The Chicago-based R1 RCM security incident is just the latest in a string of...

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Billing Vendor Breach Affects 275,000. Phishing Suspected. Not Yet Clear How Many of Firm’s Healthcare Clients Were Affected

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At least 275,000 individuals served by a variety of healthcare providers and health plans had data exposed as a result of a breach at Houston-based billing and debt collection vendor Benefit Recovery Specialists Inc. The company says that on April 30, it discovered a malware incident affecting certain company systems. BRSI customer files containing personal information may have been accessed and/or acquired between April 20 and April 30, 2020. Information that may have been exposed includes name, date of birth, date of service, provider name,...

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Many Mobile Banking Apps Have Exploitable ‘Coding Errors’

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Popular Apps Too Susceptible to Hacking, Positive Technologies Warns. Given the number of banks that utilize white-labeled banking apps to provide online banking services to their clients, a recent report is extremely concerning. Researchers at Positive Technologies recently investigated 14 mobile banking apps that run on Android or iOS and found that 13 failed to prevent unauthorized access to user data. Although the specific apps were not identified, each one had been downloaded from app stores more than 500,000 times. The analysis shows...

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COVID-19 Drives Spike in Mobile Phishing Attacks

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The increase in working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic has led to an increase in mobile phishing campaigns. Attackers are targeting remote workers whose devices lack adequate security protections to steal users’ banking credentials. Mobile phishing attacks increased by 37% globally in the first quarter of 2020. According to research based on data collected from 200 million mobile devices worldwide, 22% of mobile enterprise users encountered a phishing attempt in the first quarter, compared to 16% in the previous quarter. This...

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Ransomware Attacks Hit 2 More Healthcare Organizations

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Risk Mitigation Tips Ransomeware Attacks continue to surge as two ransomware incidents recently reported to federal regulators as health data breaches illustrate. Recent ransomware-related data breaches reported to the DHHS OCR affected Woodlawn Dental Center based in Cambridge, Ohio, and Mat-Su Surgical Associates in Palmer, Alaska. Woodlawn Dental Incident The HHS “Wall of Shame” shows that Woodlawn Dental reported on May 18 that a breach affected more than 14,400 individuals. In a notification statement, Woodlawn says on March 18, it...

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FBI Unveils the Top-10 Most Exploited Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities

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The FBI has been keeping tabs on the most exploited vulnerabilities for years. They also pay close attention when it appears that hacking is being perpetrated by other nations. On May 12th, they released their list of the top 10 most exploited vulnerabilities. The list is intended to help all organizations “place an increased priority on patching the most commonly known vulnerabilities exploited by sophisticated foreign cyber actors,” they say. Typically, “sophisticated nation-state hackers” refers to China, Iran,...

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Criminals, Rogue Nations Using COVID-19 To Distribute Malware

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Attackers are continuing to use concerns over COVID-19 to distribute ransomware and malware, including for smartphones. While the healthcare sector is perhaps at the greatest risk from these attacks, criminals are using the panic as a widespread opportunity. Attacks include the usual suspects: cybercrime operators looking to make a fast buck – for example, by demanding a ransom to unlock crypto-locked systems – as well as nation-states seeking to sow chaos. Recently the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services saw increased...

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