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ITPAC Consulting works hand in hand with clients mainly in three industries; Financial Services, Institutions and Healthcare. ITPAC provides assistance with information technology audits, defining controls, improving compliance to regulations or managing information technology projects.




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ITPAC Consulting works to provide solutions that address the ever-changing needs of Information Technology and Audit executives. ITPAC provides consulting assistance with project implementation, information security, controls and compliance. We follow a simple process: listen, understand, identify solutions and provide knowledge and experience at exceptional rates.

For big projects or when special expertise is required, ITPAC Consulting has the resources and relationships required to round out your project needs.

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Recent Blog Posts

November 22, 2022 |

Hackers Adopt APT-Like Capabilities

Cyberweapon-Grade Hacking Tools Pose Danger for Financial Sector Cyberthieves traditionally on the lower rung of...

November 22, 2022 |

Morgan Stanley’s Hard Drive Destruction Investment Failure

$155 Million in fines and settlements. While physical data breaches have declined substantially in the last 10...

September 16, 2022 |

Scammers Piggyback on AWS to Phish Victims

AWS Domains Used to Send Phishing Emails and Steal Credentials Cybercriminals are using Amazon Web Services to...

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