Phishing Is Not Going Away

Phishing is one of the oldest scams in the hacker playbook. Sending fraudulent emails in an effort to obtain usernames, passwords and other sensitive information can be an extremely effective scam. It’s also one of the easiest to prevent through training and awareness.

Recently ITPAC ran a phishing test for a local bank. 67.5% of the bank employees tested failed the test. 52.5% of bank employees gave up their username/password. 15% of the tested employees clicked on a fraudulent link. These kind on numbers show that no matter what you need to ensure that you have appropriate procedures in place and that your employees know the basics.

Make sure that your employees know: No one should ever know your password. No one should ever request your password. Do not click on ANY links if you have any questions about the source of an email.

If you’d like to know more about how to ensure that you have the procedures you need and your employees have the training that they need, call ITPAC today. Don’t put your customers at risk. Don’t put your bank at risk.