Are you losing control?

The biggest cybersecurity threat facing healthcare organizations is a startling lack of proper security controls. Currently the areas of greatest vulnerability are medical devices, VPN applications, and other access points. Medical devices have been receiving increased attention from hackers and can pose a significant threat to hospitals and their patients PHI. The greatest risk that VPN technologies present is that once credentials are compromised there’s very little to stand in the way for a hacker to access everything that network is linked to, in many cases an entire network of hospitals. A vital first step to prevent breaches is to utilize two-factor identification; this will reduce the risk but is not a complete solution to protecting your IT infrastructure.

One of the biggest challenges for many healthcare organizations is the lack of IT security expertise. Because many healthcare organizations, especially smaller entities don’t fully understand how to secure an IT system that contains PHI they may unknowingly putting themselves at risk for a breach. Additionally this lack of expertise can lead to healthcare providers being unaware that cyber criminals and hackers are even targeting them.

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