29 Million Health Records Compromised, Hacking Doubled from 2010-2013

A recent study published in JAMA demonstrates the continuing threat posed to patients and healthcare providers by data breaches. Between 2010 and 2013 they found that there were 949 breaches reported to the HHS that each affected more than 500 people. In total there were over 29 million health records exposed by data breaches during that time.

The study also found that breaches resulting from hacking nearly doubled during the period the study covered. This trend is likely to continue without increased vigilance on the part of covered entities everywhere.

Another point of emphasis in the study was the alarming lack of even basic information security protocols. In a startlingly large number of cases, the breaches were the result of basic errors: health data wasn’t encrypted, data was stored on personal electronic devices, and there were insufficient authentication protocols.

The study also worries that the increasing number of highly publicized breaches is eroding patient trust and reducing the amount of sensitive information that patients will share with their doctors, reducing the overall efficacy of healthcare.

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